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EZ Docks Paradise Coast is our newest authorized EZ Dock dealer and dock builder in Fort Myers, transforming the waterfronts of properties throughout the Paradise Coast region of Florida. Our main hub in Florida is located at 4696 Elevation Way in Fort Myers, Florida.

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Benefits of EZ Docks for Flordia

  • Durable & Long-Lasting: Made to withstand the toughest elements, including Florida sun and water. Our floating docks are made of polyethylene. They are slip-resistant, will never splinter or rot, and clean easily. EZ Docks also come with “built-in sunscreen” with UV16 protection that prevents damage and fading from direct sunlight exposure.
  • Compatible: Usable in both saltwater and freshwater environments
  • Customizable: Create a custom dock layout perfect for your residential, commercial, municipal, or other uses!
  • Low Maintenance: They require little to no maintenance! Our docks are also easy to install and configure!


Trying to find a high-quality, durable dock that is suitable for Florida Coast weather can be quite a challenge. At EZ Docks Paradise Coast, we provide our customers with reliable recommendations and dock solutions specifically for their needs, working closely with our customers. 

Whether you are a residential boat owner, waterfront business, or manage a municipal marina, our EZ Docks set the standard high for longevity, quality, and value. 



There is no question that durability is a huge factor when selecting a dock for your Florida Coast home or business. With inclement weather like hurricanes and extreme heat, you need a dock that will be versatile enough to endure all conditions. 

That’s where EZ DOCKS Paradise Coast can help. Our floating docks are designed with low-density material to withstand the toughest elements in both saltwater and freshwater. Their flexible design allows them to fit your custom layout while also adapting to the tides and varying weather conditions.



The docks are also slip-resistant and come with built-in sun protection so they do not damage and fade in direct sunlight. In the event of harsh outdoor conditions you’d like to remove or relocate your dock, they can be removed and easily stored. 

Whether you have a home in Cape Coral, own a business near Fort Meters Beach, or run a government facility in St. Peterburg, EZ Docks Paradise Coast can help with your custom dock needs along the Florida Gulf Coast.  We have floating docks, wooden docks, boat lifts, PWC ports, boat porches, kayak launches, accessories, and other dock supplies. Get custom solutions, dedicated service, and high-quality products with EZ Docks Paradise Coast. 

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Boat Port and PWC Port for homeBoat Port 3 for homeDock gangway/rampMarina constructed of EZ DockResidential kayak launch and floating dock

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