EZ Launch® Residential

Greater Stability for Any Ability

Don’t let cold weather or inexperience keep you from the open water! Launch with confidence anytime with the EZ Kayak Launch.

Stay Stable and Dry with the EZ Kayak Launch

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just getting started, the EZ Launch® from EZ Dock provides the security and stability to help you get in and out of kayaks and canoes with confidence. The innovative one-piece design of this kayak docking system adjusts to changing water levels and incorporates built-in launch-assist paddle notches for stable entry and exit and easy launching and docking. A wider format with V-shaped entry centers kayaks or canoes for smoother and more consistent launches. The EZ Kayak Launch system connects seamlessly with standard and low-profile EZ Dock sections or any other traditional dock.

Floating Kayak Dock Features:

  • Integrated paddle notches make launching and docking safe and easy while keeping paddles secure as users are getting in or out of their craft.
  • One-piece floating launch dock rises and falls with fluctuating water levels making it easier for all users to access the dock and the water.
  • V-shaped entry centers your vessel for a consistent, confident launch.
  • Seamless connections and easy installation enable you to connect the launch system to any standard floating or traditional fixed dock.
  • Wider format allows you to launch kayaks, canoes and stand up paddle boards.