Dock Sections

Why EZ Dock?


Our EZ Docks floating, modular docking system is purpose-built to be an eco-friendly solution for waterfront needs. The polyethylene and molded rubber used to make our docks are harmless to the environment and easily recyclable. Unlike other products on the market that can release contaminants or environmental hazards, our docking systems are made of safe, eco-friendly, non-toxic materials that are non-threatening to wildlife habitats.


EZ Docks are designed to withstand the toughest elements, providing long-term value for clients with salt or freshwater waterfronts. The docks are slip-resistant, clean easily, and will never splinter or rot like traditional floating docks. EZ Docks can withstand damaging and fading effects of long-term sun exposure with their built-in UV16 protection.


Our low-maintenance product provides optimal stability in versatile designs, with applications in commercial marine, residential, industrial, and municipal markets. We design and install the fully customizable dock systems and PWC ports, allowing us to deliver the perfect waterfront that everyone can enjoy.