EZ Dock Floating Docks

EZ Docks modular floating dock system is a low-maintenance product that provides optimal stability in versatile designs.

Our professionals will work with you to design the perfect layout for your waterfront space. You can choose from the wide selection of EZ Dock sections, such as PWC ports, boat ports, kayak launches, boat lifts, and more! We’ll deliver the perfect waterfront that everyone can enjoy.

EZ Docks Are Made to Last

EZ Docks are designed to withstand the toughest elements, providing long-term value for clients with salt or freshwater waterfronts. The rugged, durable polyethylene docks are slip-resistant, clean easily, and will never splinter or rot. Plus, EZ Docks have their own “built-in-sunscreen” with UV16 protection that prevents the damaging and fading effects of direct sunlight exposure. 

This low-maintenance product provides optimal stability at all water levels due to its versatile and customizable design. Our floating docks offer the ideal docking solution for individuals in the residential, commercial marine, and municipal markets.

Why EZ Dock?


Flexible Design

Create a custom layout that perfectly suits your dream waterfront.


Rugged Durability

EZ Docks are suitable for salt or freshwater. The low density material is designed to withstand the toughest elements.


Low Maintenance

Our floating dock systems need little or not maintenance compared to traditional construction. You can forget about loose nails or boards.


EZ Docks are highly-customizable, allowing for endless waterfront configurations. The dock sections come in a variety of sizes to accommodate all needs. The sections come in beige or grey and you can add-on any of our accessories including benches, storage boxes, umbrella stands, dock lights, railings, and more. The possibilities are limitless!


Not only does the polyethylene material provide the ultimate stability for the docks, but also durability, eliminating the need for dock maintenance or repainting. EZ Dock’s unique design with coupler attachments reinforces the integrity of the docks during storms and bad weather, to help minimize any risk of damage. The docks are made with UV16 protection shielding them from the harsh effects of long-term sun exposure.


EZ Dock’s configurations and simple installation make it easy to reimagine waterfront layouts when adding or changing dock sections or ports.

EZ Dock Solutions