The Durability of EZ Dock

There’s no test like the real thing. When Hurricane Sandy bore down on the East Coast in the fall of 2012, boat and dock owners from Florida to Maine were right to be concerned that the storm would cause large scale destruction to their property. With record setting flooding and storm surge accompanied by gale force winds, traditional wooden piers, docks and many other waterfront structures hardly stood a chance against such forces of nature.


When the storm had passed, a few lucky dock owners discovered loose nails, missing boards and stripped panels, while the unfortunate majority found their docks ruined beyond repair or completely washed away.


Though the storm caused billions of damage to waterfronts up and down the coast line, EZ Dock floating docks systems fared much better. Thanks to the high density polyethylene and durable coupling system many of the docks were relatively unscathed or easily repaired.